Skills Matrix Developement

A skill matrix is a tool to assess training needs. It is a table that shows the skills of individuals, a team or a division within an organisation. It identifies any gaps between the skills of employees and the job roles they have. It is also known as a competency framework.

The primary objective of the skills matrix is to ensure a framework and process is in place to enable employees to acquire appropriate skills and knowledge to ultimately demonstrate that they are competent to perform their role.

The skills matrix identifies minimum skill and knowledge requirements that a team member must have specific to the duties they may carry out as a part of their day-to-day duties. It covers skills required to operate safely, meet customer obligations and comply with relevant legal and statutory obligations. This includes, for example quality assurance, work health and safety and environmental acts and legislation.

How we develop a Skills Matrix.

Each organisation has unique nuances and characteristics. For this reason, each skills matrix is has a tailored approach and is dependent on the organisation and the work carried out. However, there are basic steps that are taken;

  1. Review of an employee position description (PD). This gives an overview of the type of work for the position.
  2. Interview sample employees at various levels, e.g. team members up to supervisor. PD’s sometimes only give an overview of work carried out by employees, and interview gives a more detailed picture of the duties.
  3. A table skill is developed for each position. I conjunction to the skills, relevant national units competencies from the relevant training package are also listed.

A skills matrix is a table of identified skills and competencies; it then needs to be implemented into a training plan for the employees.

Implementing a skills matrix into a training plan.

The skills matrix is designed to ensure employees have the appropriate training to do the skills required of them during their day-to-day activities.

The skills matrix is used to develop training plans for individuals. These training plans are part of the employee’s performance and career development plans. As an employee completes the required training and demonstrates the required performance, they may be recommended to be remunerated for the appropriate level indicated by their PDs and/or the appropriate Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

The first step in developing an employee’s training program is to assess their current skill and competency levels against the matrix. This will then show the training gaps that are required to be completed by the employee. The required training can then be placed into an agreed training plan and implemented. The training plan will need to be reviewed and monitored to ensure it is the work of the employee and the organisation.

The skills matrix is considered an exceptionally useful tool to ensure employees have the skills required during their day-to-day activities. They vary from organisation to organisation. If you would like to know more about the skills matrix, please use the contact form below.