John F. Kennedy

We are professional adult educators with expertise in the development, delivery and management of learning programs. Our strengths include analysis ability, development, and implementation training, as well as a strong learning and development management background. We offer a superior Learning and Development consultancy service for NGOs, private and public sector organisations across Australia. The strength of our experience comes from years of working with organisations from diverse backgrounds and industries.

We have an excellent understanding of adult learning to coordinate or provide advice on the planning, delivery, tracking and recording learning development within organisations. This is achieved by:

  • Assessing and reporting on the learning and development needs within an organisation.
  • Defining, sourcing and monitoring training programs delivered by contractors.
  • Developing learning and development plans for business areas.
  • Competency and skills mapping.
  • Managing the contracting process and contractors providing learning and development services.
  • Coordinating the delivery of training.
  • Development of content and training resources.
  • Development/review of assessment processors and materials.
  • Development of effective policy.
  • Organisational Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registration and auditing.

Our services extend across Australia.